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    News — LoamRanger


    661 | LOAMRANGER


    The Loam Ranger | Mountain Biker

    #theloamranger Riding the raddest trails in the world, plus uncovering some of the best kept secrets in mountain biking.

    "I've been working on this one for quite a while. About a year, to be exact. I really feel as though this one move I cover in the vid can help riders (like myself) who battle with jumping confidence. What do you think? Big things are a-brewin'. New bikes and new peoples! To support independent reviews here on YouTube, join our Patreon and receive some sweet perks while you're at it!:"

    The Loamranger family are fully supported by SIXSIXONE for protection, helmets, gloves and supports.




    Our favourite MTB family - The Loamrangers set off on a West Coast RV adventure in search of rad (and snow-free) trails. They may have bitten off more than we could chew...

    Trails ridden: Kamloops Bike Ranch -

    Thornstar -

    Rupert -

    In N Out Burger -

    Bearly Adequate

    Ride fast, take chances
    Ride 661

    661 | BETH BIKES IWD 2022

    661 | BETH BIKES IWD 2022

    Loamranger Beth Bikes Q&A INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY 2022

    Lady Loamranger aka @beth_bikes was asked to answer some questions a while back and they felt fitting to share in honor of International Women’s day:

    What is it like being a woman in your sport?
    It’s been amazing to watch the number of women in mountain biking grow so quickly in the last few years! Being in a women in a male dominated industry definitely has its challenges. The growth of female representation has been bringing some much needed balance. I’m so thankful to be working with sponsors who see the importance of opportunity for women and minorities.

    Who inspires you?
    So many people. @myriam_nicole @tahneeseagrave @rachybox —these women work hard to grow the sport of mtb for the womens community. @bethanycorataylor —love the way she shows up in the outdoor community unapologetically taking space. Heather from @fritztinyhomes in the way she passionately chases her dreams. My adventure buddy @healingearththerapy Carrie in the ways she strives to be inclusive and build others up. My kids… they are already kicking my butt when it comes to mtb jumping!
    How does it push you?
    Mountain biking pushes me to have more confidence in myself. I love trying challenging features like drops or skinnies, but if I go into any of those without total confidence in my own abilities, it’s a recipe for disaster! 
    How do you want to make a difference?
    I try to show up on the trail and in our Loam Ranger videos authentically, welcoming and with confidence. I hope that I can inspire others to do the same. I love the way that mountain bike culture is becoming more inclusive and I hope to be a part of that, a place where all people regardless of gender, race or skill feel that they are truly welcome to take up space on the trail too.

    SIXSIXONE are proud to support Loamranger Youtube channel with protection, helmets and gloves.