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    News — DBO Knee



     Kudos to 
    We Are One Composites for supporting this project.

    "It's been a few years since I completed a trio of trails, the Verde Trilogy, and in that time it hasn't stopped paying dividends. Their initial introduction to the world was through a video I produced alongside a few talented friends. Shortly thereafter, I was inspired to release POV's of each of them through GoPro's Line Of The World competition on Pinkbike where they earned more notoriety and ultimately won Line Of The Year in 2017. Since then, Cerveza Verde and Roca Verde have made their way into the Red Bull Illume semifinals.

    Outside of awards and virality, they've provided me with countless best rides ever. I've spent thousands of hours in these woods and they're some of the happiest moments of my life, be it alone, alongside co-builder Danny Martins, or a big group of friends. The Verdes have given me much more than I imagined possible. And of course, there's the satisfaction of hearing of other people's experiences and stoke on their own rides.

    In celebration of 5 years of a whole lot of shred, I revisited the trails with multi-media wizard Mitch Winton for a new perspective. I loved the way POV portrayed the feel of speed and it was only a natural evolution to create a video that captured the speed, sound, and sensations of flying down the trails via FPV. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of filming this way as it pushed me to go just a little faster than my comfort normally allows. For whatever reason, I felt like I had to beat the drone on every take. A subconscious effort to stay ahead of its miniature death blades? Perhaps. Or the racer in me wanting to stay ahead of absolutely anything behind me? Most likely.

    Either way, enjoy a new perspective of flow on the Verde Trilogy.

    A massive thanks to We Are One Composites for supporting this project.

    Drone, Edit, & Photos - Mitch Winton
    Riding - Steve Storey
    Trails - Roca Verde, Cerveza Verde, Salsa Verde