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    News — DBO Knee



    First Ride Review: 661 DBO Knee/Elbow Pads

    Updated protection from 661 is lighter and better fitting than ever before.

    15 years ago, a certain 17 year old kid made Rampage history, and his protection sponsor would soon leave its mark on the mountain bike world as well. I’m talking about Kyle Strait and 661 of course – everybody remembers that suicide no hander, and I’m pretty sure everybody has owned a pair of 661 Kyle Strait kneepads as well at some point. Fast forward to 2019, and Kyle is still throwing those suis off massive cliffs, and 661 is still making protection. After a bit of a slump, the brand is on the comeback trail, and they’ve launched a bunch of new products recently with more to come. 



    • Comfortable
    • Light weight
    • Good value knee and elbow pads
    • Knee pads could be a little bit longer


    SixSixOne DBO Knee and Elbow Pads Highlights

    • D3O T5 insert
    • Safety certification: EN 1621:1 level 1
    • Single strap
    • 661 “Padlock” compatible
    • Sizes: Youth, S, M, L, XL
    • MSRP: $74.99 USD (knee) / $69.99 USD (elbow)

    We covered the DBO pads and Recon Advance Body Armor in Vital MTB's Gear Show. Fast forward to 12min11s for the goods, or watch the whole show to not miss a beat: Descending in a strait line from the original strait pads, the new DBOs are built around the same principles: a visco-elastic main pad attached to a soft-shell body. We tested 661’s EVO pad a while back, and although we liked the comfort it offered, we found it a bit lacking and weirdly sized to boot. The DBO fixes all those issues, with added lateral protection and a more consistent fit. Definitely one of the more comfortable pads out there, it now sits better on the knee and will happily accompany you all day out for anything from the bike park to long trail rides. The lateral protection which was on the skimpy side on the EVO pad has been beefed up on the DBO, leaving the knee less exposed to impacts from the side. Pair it up with the elbow protectors from the same series if you want your arms safe too. At about $70 bucks per pair, it’s all money well spent.